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Do you have a goal race or are you looking to tackle a new distance? Are you unsure of how to structure your training time for maximum benefit? Or are you looking to stay healthy as you continue to progress as a runner?  I can set up a plan for you that is geared toward your goals and works realistically with your life and schedule. Even if you are just curious about what having a coach would look like for you, call or email me and I can answer any questions you have! 



Coaching with Monthly Check-In: $100/month 
Coaching with Unlimited Access: $150/month 
In-Person Coaching: $50/hr 
  Customized Training Plans Available!



Having a good coaching relationship is important to its success. First, we will have a phone conversation to talk over what you are looking for and your expectations. After seeing if working together will be a good fit, I will send you a questionnaire and then we will have a more in-depth phone consultation to assess goals, current abilities, and a realistic assessment of time available for training. If you are focusing on a specific race, I will work with your schedule as we build a long-term plan and work in key dates. The monthly package includes a monthly check-in and plan geared towards you and adjusted as needed for each month. The package with unlimited access will include regular check-ins, schedule adjustments as needed, and the ability to use your preferred method of communication for all questions and support. Both include personalized strength training advice and routines to help make you less injury prone and a stronger overall athlete. I can also help with race day planning and tips to help you enjoy the results of your hard work! I am happy to try and answer any questions about nutrition to assist with your running and recovery.
Customized training plans are built just for you, working with your current fitness, goals, and lifestyle. They can last from a few weeks to several months. This is a perfect option if you are not ready to commit to a coach, but want the structure and accountability a training plan gives. Pricing depends on plan. These plans will be delivered via the Training Peaks platform. 
I use Training Peaks software to allow athletes to see schedules, easily upload runs, and allow for immediate feedback and interaction between us for each activity. 
In-Person Coaching will give you one-on-one coaching in which I can guide you through a workout structured for you, or we can run together, and I will give you feedback on form, pacing, and breathing, as well as give you tips to make you more comfortable on the trails.