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Get Started

Running on trails will make you feel like a kid again! It’s a great workout that feels like playing and will challenge you physically while refreshing you mentally. Are you interested in learning to safely run on trails but not sure how to get started? Are you looking to run faster and longer? I can set up a plan for you with virtual coaching, meet you and run with you for in-person coaching, or come up with a combination that will work for you!



Virtual Coaching: $100/month – Buy Now Button
Virtual Coaching With Weekly Check-in: $150/month – Buy Now Button
In-Person Coaching: $50/hr –Buy Now Button


How It Works

Both Virtual Coaching Packages will start with a phone consultation to assess goals, current abilities, and time available for training. The monthly package includes a monthly check-in and plan geared towards you. The weekly check-in program will include weekly check-in, with the ability to adjust the weekly  schedule if needed, as well as text, and phone access for questions regarding your training plan. Both include personalized strength training advice to help make you less injury prone and a stronger overall runner. I can also help with race day planning and tips to help you enjoy the results of your hard work! I am happy to try and answer any questions about nutrition to help your dietary choices improve your running and recovery.
I use Training Peaks software to allow athletes to see schedules, easily upload runs, and allow for feedback and interaction, between coach and athlete for each activity. 
In-Person Coaching will give you one-on-one coaching in which we can run together and I will give you feedback on form, pacing, and breathing, as well as give you tips to make you more comfortable on the trails.