I have been asked to write a review on a person whom I have always admired even before she became my coach. At first I was intimidated but at the same time in awe by such an amazing athlete. Over time the intimidation changed to admiration of the person that Alondra Moody is. Besides an athlete/coach/friend, she is a wife and mother. Family means everything to her and as a friend, fellow athlete/coach she makes you feel like family. As a coach she will push you to your limit in training but also listen to you and adjust training accordingly. As a friend and fellow athlete she is there for you even if in the shadows, willing to help whether it be to listen, offer advice or even be there for you at a race. I am very proud to call her my coach, a fellow athlete, and, better still, my friend. -Stephanie Johnson

Alondra has been an invaluable resource in preparing for ultra races and adventures. She is an accomplished athlete herself, as well as a dedicated coach. I’ve enjoyed her customized training plans, help on setting training and race goals, and her encouragement along the way. -Dave Harlow

Alondra was my coach for 1.5 years and she helped me in so many ways. She helped me train and complete my first 50 mile trail race along with a number of other 30-50 mile races. Her style of coaching was tailored to my active lifestyle. Mixing in hard training days, long miles, and cross training with my other outdoor activities really helped me train hard without burning out. With Alondra’s extensive background in long distance running she was more than helpful in answering any questions I had from nutrition, to stretching, to what to pack for a race. I enjoyed my time with her as my coach and I look forward to training in the future. -Brian Vermillion

After several years of “self-training” and having a moderate amount of success, I began to want to see if I could take my endurance a step further. I had known and ran with Alondra for several years and knew that not only was she a great person but also an accomplished trail runner. After sitting down with Alondra and discussing my goals she developed a plan for me that was a great mix of speed, strength, and endurance. After a couple of months of following her training plan I began to feel better about my endurance than I ever had. Through her encouragement and training I began to feel much more confident about taking on bigger goals. One of the best races I had was at the end of my training with Alondra when I was able to break the course record at a 100k by 10 minutes. I remember never having the thought that I wasn’t prepared and being able to run strong the whole time. I credit Alondra and her training 100 percent for that. I would highly recommend Alondra to anyone looking to take their endurance and strength to the next level. -Doug Holder

If you want coaching that focuses on you, the athlete and the person, then Alondra is the coach for you! Her philosophy is based on my goals and accounts for “life happens” adjustments. She understands that for 99% of us running is for enjoyment, not putting food on the table. I started working with Alondra to get ready for the Western States 100, but she helped me navigate all the curve balls of 2020 both with my running and personally. She is always a text, phone call or email away. I feel like a more fit and knowledgeable athlete after working with her. -Blane Clark

When I started with Alondra and her coaching, I didn’t know what to expect. My expectations of becoming a better runner were met but also so much more. She educated me on the training process. It was clear that she developed my plan based on my goals and abilities, not just a one size fits all approach. Last and most importantly, she was available whenever I had questions and always showed support when I would race. She made me believe I could accomplish all my goals. -Hunt Brumby

Last spring (2019) I saw that the Tennessee state records for my age (73 at the time) for the 2-mile, the 30k, and the marathon were fairly soft. I am not an elite athlete; I would have no chance for most of the age records from 73 and up. So I had this narrow window. I was fairly confident about the 2-mile; the shorter the distance, the better I am compared with my peers. My best distances are 400m and 800m, in fact, so I needed help especially for the marathon, where I tend to break down, and the 30k. The 2-mile was in October, the marathon in December, and the 30k in February of 2020. A friend who is coached by Alondra and has done incredibly well in some of the Barkley races recommended her. My training under her guidance was going really well till August, when I tripped and fell, breaking 3 ribs and getting a collapsed lung. I spent 8 days in the hospital and was told not to run for 2 months. Well, forget about the 2-mile and maybe the marathon. During the 2 months, Alondra worked closely with me to figure out how to lessen the loss of fitness with walking, increasingly faster and longer as my ribs healed. Then after I could run, I had less than 2 months of running to prepare for the marathon, and I was not at all confident. She was; I wasn’t. She was right. I broke the record by about 11 minutes. I owe it to her expert guidance. I also then got the 30k record. So, yes, I recommend her highly! There is a fairly soft record for the 30k for age 75. I will hire her again then. -Mark Cristy

Alondra is literally the most effective and inspirational coach! She’s prepared me for races that without her I should have had no business doing and that so many other people wouldn’t be able to finish. She keeps everything fun and new even though she’s been my coach for almost 3 years now. I’ve loved working with her from the beginning because she takes into account how my life changes and who I am as a person. Really what’s important for me as a runner AND a person. She’s also the kind of runner everyone wants to be- super fast, super humble, and in love with running. -Chloe Zimmerer

Alondra is hands down the most genuine, inspiring, and motivational runner/running coach I have had the pleasure to know. Alondra helped me achieve my first 50 miler last year after an injury and helped me with my 100 mile attempt this year. She understands a busy life for a runner and what they need to do to accomplish their desired goals. Her tailored approach and automatic feedback helped me have confidence and never worry or question the training plan she developed for me. After two very successful coaching periods with Alondra, I will not hesitate to work with her again. -Jonathan Broughton

I hired Alondra as a coach when I decided I wanted to train smarter. I was tired of doing “junk miles” and wanted to avoid injuries as I got ready for bigger goals. I noticed something incredible happened while working with her, I surpass all my goals. It didn’t take extra time or miles either. Her encouraging and motivational spirit have helped me move past my fears. -Ashley Blake

Tired of the same old results, I knew I needed something more to shake up my routine and kick me off my plateau. As a seasoned runner and coach myself, I’d gotten entrenched in the ruts of training the same way, day after day. From the first time I spoke with Coach Alondra Moody, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Alondra asked all the right questions and in a kind, gentle, and kick butt kind of way, got me moving in new ways. Alondra prepped my mind and my body to have the strength, grace, and fortitude to see me through the finish at the Georgia Death Race (GDR). Coach Alondra’s communication was top notch! Her programs are well put together and addressed all my training needs and some I didn’t even know I had! Alondra was always responsive to my needs and I highly recommend Coach Alondra to get you to your next races and beyond! -Kris Vance